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Technologies Wind energy
Profile consultant, project developer, project engineer | combined heat and power systems (CHP), solar heating technology, wind power plants
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Experts in renewable sources of energy.
Experts in renewable sources of energy.

Win(d)Scout display.
Win(d)Scout display.

Win(d)Scout Screen wind power plant.
Win(d)Scout Screen wind power plant.

Win(d)Scout Screen wind resource card.
Win(d)Scout Screen wind resource card.

The accredited company CUBE Engineering has successfully supported over 4,000 projects worldwide, with a total installed capacity of more than 15,000 MW. In the field of wind consulting, CUBE Engineering is among the top 20 companies internationally delivering certified, bankable results with services based on a QM system (including DIN ISO 17025).

Internationally, CUBE Engineering focuses on selected countries and markets in which renewable energy plays a significant role in energy supply and energy security, or will do so in future.

The company supports the principles of the United Nations Global Compact. It cooperates worldwide with a network of project offices.

Its range of services includes:

Wind assessment: Site selection, screening and scoping, wind measurement and measurement campaigns, preliminary assessment, wind assessment, earnings forecasts, wind atlases and wind resource studies, wind farm layout and optimisation, turbulence studies, LiDAR.

Management consulting: Market analyses / country profiles, corporate social responsibility, public-private partnership.

Planning and project management: Due diligence, feasibility studies, permits, invitations for tender and award procedures, construction supervision, road construction.

Environmental assessment: Noise immission forecasts, shadow analyses, ZVI, (3-D) animations and visualisations, analysis of optical intrusion, visual impact analyses.

Network planning: Design, optimisation of grid connections, wind farm extensions.

Decentralised energy systems: Photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, hydropower, CHP, cogeneration, biogas, biomass, stand-alone solutions, smart grids, energy marketing.

The idea of Win(d)Scout was born, appropriately enough, at the beginning of 2011, along with the energy debate in Germany.

The timing could not have been better. At about the same time, the Federal Government took the decision to decommission nuclear power plants and to promote the expansion of energy supply from renewable energy sources. On this firm basis, CUBE Engineering began its development in the field of ‘Using wind energy in Germany’ for terminals manufactured by Apple (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad). The topic arose naturally from the company’s 20-year expertise: The focus must be on wind energy. With Win(d) Scout, users can find out where and how strongly the wind blows in Germany – and now also worldwide, as well as what annual energy yield a plant brings, how much CO2 emission it avoids, and where the over 15,000 wind energy plants in Germany are sited. Information about wind farms worldwide is also now accessible.

With the Win(d)Scout app, the 'inventor company' CUBE Engineering is pushing forward into a new market segment. It enables renewable energies to be experienced in an up-to-the-minute way, and makes the topic of ‘wind potential’ accessible to a wide range of stakeholders (such as plant manufacturers, operators and interested members of the public). The output the user receives includes energy yields, energy efficiency and CO2 emissions avoided, for a wind plant in any chosen location in Germany or worldwide.