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Measuring wind and solar power
Technologies Photovoltaics Solar thermal energy Wind energy
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Met mast for wind site assessment.
Met mast for wind site assessment.

Ammonit Meteo-40 data logger.
Ammonit Meteo-40 data logger.

Meteorological sensors for wind measurement.
Meteorological sensors for wind measurement.

Since 1989, Ammonit has been developing and offering first class measurement equipment for wind and solar resource assessment as well as power plant monitoring (SCADA). The product portfolio includes:

  • Data loggers
  • Meteorological sensors
  • LIDAR and SODAR systems
  • Monitoring software
  • Communication and power supply solutions.

The Meteo-40 data logger series is globally accepted by professionals in the wind and solar industry. Via the web platform AmmonitOR, measurement systems can be monitored to check data for integrity and plausibility according to the MEASNET guideline. Ammonit’s solutions meet the highest quality standards to ensure highest accuracy in the measurement.

Ammonit cooperates with well-known manufacturers, e.g., Thies, to offer complete measurement systems. In more than 100 countries, wind and solar professionals trust in Ammonit’s systems. Ammonit and its global partners offer turnkey solutions from proposal to installation and maintenance of the system.

Ammonit offers complete measurement systems for:

  • Wind resource assessment
  • Wind site assessment in cold climate regions with individually designed power supply solutions
  • Wind farm monitoring solutions compatible with most SCADA systems.
  • Solar resource assessment for PV and CSP/CPV power plants including sun trackers
  • Power curve measurement.

Ammonit designs its measurement systems with regard to regional and climatic requirements – always offering top quality equipment to ensure accurate measurements.