Hanover, Jamaica: The biggest solar power plant in Jamaica was inaugurated in 2014. The private plant with a peak output of 1.6 MW supplies an entire hotel complex with solar power. The project included a total investment from the hotel of ­nearly € 2.5 million. The full return on equity is expected after four years. In the coming 30 years, savings of € 16 million on energy costs should be achieved. The PV solar system used here was developed especially for the Caribbean: it is lightweight, needs but little maintenance and can withstand category 4 hurricanes.
Source: IBC Solar AG

Solar energy has an enormous potential that can be utilised by various forms of technology. One example of these ­technologies is photovoltaics (PV). Thanks to the global availability of solar energy, PV offers an attractive solution for generating both grid-connected and off-grid electricity.

In recent years, the number of PV installations in the world has grown at a breathtaking pace. Apart from Germany, the markets with the highest installed capacities are also found, for instance, in China, the USA, Italy and Japan.

PV technology from Germany is being used all over the world. German PV service providers stand out thanks to their many years of experience and high quality standards.

Prices of PV modules have plunged recently. This also caused a noticeable decline in the production costs of PV electricity. Costs in the PV sector are expected to continue to fall in the coming years due to further economies of scale.