Other industry sectors

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Photovoltaic training on a PV system simulator.
Source: RENAC/ Wüstenhagen

Irrespective of the technology, a large number of ­German market players provide other products and services that supplement the value chain in the various renewable energy sectors.

Project developers check the technological and economical feasibility of concepts and provide support in obtaining project partners and drafting authorisation ­documents. They coordinate and control the planning and construction of plants. Other service providers have specialised in ana­lysis and optimisation methods. They identify efficiency potentials during the production, construction and operation of the plant and in the electricity supply processes.

Equally, certain manufacturers of process-related com­ponents cater for a range of technologies in the area of ­renewable energies. For example, plate heat exchangers are used in solar power technology, in the area of near-surface geothermal energy, and in combined heat and power plants (CHP). German companies offer frequency converters to efficiently design drive solutions that are characterised by high energy efficiency and reliability, coupled with long service life and high efficiency levels. Frequency converters are able to bring about significant savings potential combined with energy technology and energy storage turnkey solutions. These system solutions can be found in the on and off-grid area, although they also offer the possibility of switching between on and off-grid mode.

German companies offer comprehensive solutions in terms of environmental compatibility and safety. Examples here are:

  • The certification of biofuels
  • The validation, verification and certification of climate protection projects in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol, e.g. “Joint Implementation” (JI) or “Clean Development Mechanism” (CDM)
  • The validation, verification and certification of company and state projects and programmes in the area of verified emission reductions (VER)
  • The certification of electricity generation from renewable energies
  • The testing of plant sites and construction statics
  • The monitoring of power station operations.

German investors finance projects, facilitate shareholdings or offer public placements via investment funds. In the area of “Carbon Investments” they handle the approval process for CDM and JI projects up to the sale of CDM emissions certificates, which are known as “Certified ­Emission Reductions” or CER, on the stock market.

Educational institutions offer training and further education in the areas of energy technology based on renewable ­energies, efficiency and financing for projects, including the planning and construction of off-grid plants. A diverse range of seminars are on offer for a wide target group: From technicians and engineers to investors, solicitors, developers and decision makers.