Schmack biogas project

Lochhead Energy Biowaste biogas plant, Scotland
Dry fermentation plant in Fife.
Dry fermentation plant in Fife, BIOFerm system.

Pioneering dry fermentation plant in Great Britain:

The Lochhead Energy Biowaste biogas plant in Fife, Scotland is not only the first dry fermentation biogas plant in Great Britain, but also one of the largest plants of its kind in Europe. The BIOFerm process used there enables fermentation of pourable organic solids, such as biowaste, green waste or residual materials from food production.

The plant processes 40,000 tonnes of mixed biowaste per year from a total of around 160,000 households, as well as 3,000 tonnes of commercial food waste. The plant consists of 14 garage fermenters linked to a Celtic Bioenergy composting and pasteurising system. This ensures a fully integrated solution which adheres to local requirements for fermentation of compost and animal by-products.

The biogas is routed into the integrated energy system of the city of Dunfermline and converted into energy in CHP plants. This generates 1.4 MW of electricity and 900 kW of heat. Lochhead Energy Biowaste has been in operation since December 2013.


Date of installation July 2013
Town, country Fife, Dunfermline, Wellwood, UK
Installed power in KW 1,400 kWel


Fermenter volume 14 x 1,050 m³
Percolate tank 1,600 m³
Raw materials Biowaste and green waste


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