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Biopower biogas plant in Tongeren, Belgium
COCCUS Titan wet fermentation plant.
COCCUS wet fermentation plant for processing organic waste.

Gas dome.
Fermenter with gas dome.

Biopower Tongeren generates electricity and heat for 6,500 households

The Biopower biogas plant in Tongeren, Belgium has an electricity capacity of 2.8 MW and was built in only nine months. It is the largest of its kind in the province of Limburg. For the first time in the Benelux countries, the EUCO horizontal flow fermenter is used, which enables higher biogas production using substrates with a high share of dry substances.

The plant, which runs on energy crops as well as organic waste from agriculture and the food industry, is situated in the countryside and supplied from farmers within 20 km of the plant. The biogas it produces is converted into energy with the aid of a CHP plant and the electricity fed into the public grid. The heat is used to dry the fermenter substrate which is then used to produce high-quality, environmentally friendly fertilizer for agriculture.

The plant produces enough electricity to supply 6,500 households per year. It also saves 10,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. In collaboration with the partners in the project, the capacity of the plant can be later expanded by 5.6 MW. This would be enough to supply all the households in the city of Tongeren with clean power.

The project sponsor is Biopower Tongeren NV, in which not only the project developers NPG Energy N.V. and Pholpa B.V.B.A. have a share, but also energy provider Enovos Luxembourg. This is the company\'s first investment in renewable energies in Belgium.


Date of installation Autumn 2012
Town, country Tongeren, Belgium
Installed power in KW 2.8 Mwel


Fermenter volume 13,000 m³
Raw materials Maize silage, glycerine, agricultural and industrial waste


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