Technology Exhibition: Poster Exhibition with accompanying Brochure

(English, French, Spanish, Russian)

The goal of the technology exhibition “renewables – Made in Germany” is to draw worldwide attention to the possible applications of renewable energies. At the fore of the exhibition is an overview of renewable energies technology with a special focus on the strengths of German suppliers and systems solutions. The exhibition presents the advantages of various technologies, explains their functions, indicates various possible applications and documents the specific expertise of German companies. 26 charts, which are updated yearly, are available in English, French, Spanish and Russian.

The exhibition’s main points of focus are on public and private institutions. All exhibition material (roll-up charts, incl. stands) can be borrowed free of charge from dena. Borrowers pay only for shipping and handling costs to and from Germany.

The information in the exhibition is also available in print form through an accompanying brochure in five languages (English, French, German, Russian, Spanish).

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Profile: project engineer, project developer, investor

Technology: wind energy

Opinion panel

“Large coal-fired power plants not only make us dependent on expensive fuels for decades but are also extremely inflexible. Additionally, planning and construction take far too long. It takes many years before this type of power plant actually produces electricity. We do not have this much time. The only way we will be able to provide energy in a reliable, sustainable and cost-effective way to an increasing global population is by utilizing renewable energy sources and thus make ourselves independent from conventional energy carriers as quickly as possible.”

Joseph Mashao, Managing Director, SMA South Africa