Catalogue: Renewable Energy Solutions for Off-grid Applications

(English, French, Spanish)

 The trilingual (English, French, Spanish) catalogue, published by dena and issued under the “renewables – Made in Germany” logo, supports the development of alternative energy supply systems using renewable energy in regions without grid power or connected to an unreliable grid. It informs about the capability and possible applications of off-grid renewables and describes suitable technologies as well as the parameters necessary for successful project realisation.

Specialty providers of the German renewable energy industry and their business activities are featured. This is complemented by a comprehensive directory of German off-grid renewable energy providers.

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German Energy Agency
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Profile: project engineer, project developer, investor

Technology: wind energy

Opinion panel

“Energy is not a problem which needs to be solved, but a source which is available throughout the world. The future lies with renewables. Photovoltaics is now becoming the backbone of the global energy supply: Simple, low in price, scalable and accessible.”

Dr. Hartwig Westphalen, CEO, SunEnergy Europe GmbH