Brochure: Process heat in industry and commerce

The “Process heat in industry and commerce” brochure published by the German Energy Agency (dena) presents an overview of German energy solutions for waste heat utilization and renewable provision. Energy efficiency solutions and an increasing use of heat recovery and generation by renewable energy sources can make a important contribution to transforming the global energy system. The potential in the industry and commerce sector are especially high.

In order to face this potential German renewable energy industries and companies providing international markets with an extensive range of products and services in the heat sector. This promotion brochure contains details of best practice projects, technologies and companies featured as well as of German industry associations and other institutions.

The information is provided in English. 

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Profile: project engineer, project developer, investor

Technology: wind energy

Opinion panel

“Renewable energies are the present and the future. What business model could be better than the PV industry – economical, environmentally friendly and socially just? These conditions are the incentive for us to invest in our research and development of innovative products, such as our PIKO inverter and PIKO storage systems, and to push ahead in joint technical projects with our partners and associations to clear the way for the success of renewable sources of energy. Thus we can make a small contribution to the success of the great social task of transitioning to alternative energy.”

Werner Palm, Managing Director, KOSTAL Solar Electric GmbH