Promotional guideline for Climate protection revised and expanded for refrigeration and air conditioning systems

The German Federal Government has updated the Promotional Guideline for Measures with regard to Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems and expanded the area eligible for funding. Since the beginning of this year, legislation promoting climate-protection projects for refrigeration and air conditioning systems has been revised so that businesses and companies can plan on the basis of fixed amounts in the future. The amount of these subsidies depends on the cooling rating and the type of system. Power rating areas for compression systems eligible for promotion are being doubled in some cases. In addition, small compression systems in the range of two to five kilowatts power consumption like those used in refrigerated rooms at restaurants or systems used to siphon off heat from electrical control cabinets are also to receive subsidies for the first time.

According to the Federal Government, not only operators of supermarkets or refrigerated warehouses at fruit yards, but also bakers, butchers and other businesses operating refrigerated rooms can profit from the revised guideline. They may submit applications for subsidies with the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control.




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Technology: wind energy

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“Experiences from due diligence processes with a total volume of more than 20 GW of wind power onshore and offshore testify to our unique expertise in reviewing and negotiating technical project contracts. Our customers profit from the fact that we can bring the practical experience and current findings from our wind potential evaluation and engineering departments to bear on the project assessments.” 

Joachim Binotsch, Managing Director, Head of the “Technical Due Diligence” Department, BBB Umwelttechnik GmbH