Field test: networked micro CHP

Small combined heat power plants and fuel cells can be linked together and operated in an integrated network. A Regional Virtual Power Plant (RVK) along these lines is currently being trialled by researchers at the Technische Universität Dresden and at EWE AG, a company headquartered in greater Oldenburg in northern Germany.

The concept of a virtual integrated power plant has met with tremendous interest, in particular among municipal utilities and regional energy suppliers, as the virtual power plant offers an important technological basis for future energy services in a changing market.

Permanent operation slated to continue for one year started up in October 2016. After the operation is concluded, the data that is collected is to be comprehensively analysed. Additional buildings are then to be included in the network in order to enlarge the capacity of the RVK system step by step.




Profile: project engineer, project developer, investor

Technology: wind energy

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Opinion panel

“Energy is not a problem which needs to be solved, but a source which is available throughout the world. The future lies with renewables. Photovoltaics is now becoming the backbone of the global energy supply: Simple, low in price, scalable and accessible.”

Dr. Hartwig Westphalen, CEO, SunEnergy Europe GmbH