Design of the energy system

The conference "Research for the energy transition - shaping and designing the energy system" took place in Berlin at the beginning of November. The staging organisation was the Renewable Energy Research Foundation (Forschungsverbund Erneuerbare Energien - FVEE).

The power supply in Germany is to be based mainly on renewable energy sources by the middle of the 21st century. There are different ways to attain this objective. The FVEE's 2016 annual conference explored what options research and politics have to make the energy transition a success and also achieve the climate targets that have been set.

Scientists at the FVEE Institute showed that the sectors of electricity, heating and transportation can be linked together in an efficient overall system, which flexibilisation options are available over the medium and long term and what role storage, networks and grids play in it all. Also this year the conference presented current research highlights in the key technologies of photovoltaic and wind energy.




Profile: project engineer, project developer, investor

Technology: wind energy

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Opinion panel

“The Ossberger cross-flow turbine has only three moving parts: the rotor and the two guide vanes. The bearing for the guide vanes needs no maintenance and the bearing for the rotor is easily accessible out of the water. This results in very low operating costs!”

Dipl. Ing. Holger Franke, Sales Manager, Ossberger GmbH + Co