Beginning of security standby

The Buschhaus lignite-fired power plant was temporarily decommissioned for four years on 1 October 2016. It is the first power plant to be put on security standby. After this, it will be permanently decommissioned. During security standby, the Buschaus power plant will be taken off the market and will not produce any CO2 emissions. It can only be ramped up if so requested by the transmission grid operator.

The security standby arrangement was decided upon in July 2016 within the framework of the German Electricity Market Act (Strommarktgesetz). Facilities on security standby can help secure the electricity supply in the case of emergencies that continue for some time. The Electricity Market Act stipulates that a total of 2,700 MW of lignite-fired power plant capacity be kept on security standby for four years. After this, they will be permanently decommissioned. This is also intended to save 11 to 12.5 million tonnes of CO2 by 2020.




Profile: project engineer, project developer, investor

Technology: wind energy

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“The economic efficiency of a solar thermal collector is found mainly in its high yield, long service life and especially its performance reliability – lasting even for decades. Our technology, based on high-vacuum tubes, meets all requirements and always performs at the same high level. All essential solar thermal components are located inside the high vacuum and are thus protected from deterioration for their entire lifetime. Thanks to this and individual customer solutions, many years of practical experience and knowledge gained in a large number of large-scale solar thermal projects, we achieve the best possible economic efficiency and customer satisfaction in every solar thermal project. One hundred per cent ‘Made in Germany’.”

Günter Schaffron, Managing Director, s-power Entwicklungs- & Vertriebs GmbH