Fact-finding Missions to Germany for Key Opinion Leaders and Companies

Our fact-finding missions are specifically designed for people who make and influence decisions, including government policymakers, administrative authorities, opinion leaders and entrepreneurs. The objective is to enable them to gather first-hand information on German renewable energy technologies.

These missions will provide you with up-to-date expertise as well as opportunities for on-site visits with providers to view examples of concrete, applied solutions in the field of renewable energies. You will benefit from a comprehensive information and visitor programme with the purpose of promoting the transfer of knowledge, particularly with regard to solutions and technologies. This knowledge can be of tremendous value, particularly when policy decisions about energy technologies need to be made or tenders for services need to be issued in the near future. Aside from your own travel expenses, participation is free of charge.

Delegation from Begin End Technology
Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago 2016-07-11 2016-07-15 renewable energy and energy efficiency in the Caribbean. focus on photovoltaic, wind energy and bio energy
Chile 2016-09-05 2016-09-09 Energy efficiency and renewable energy in the building sector